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• Turn Your Photos Into Stylish Illustrations
• Amazing Watercolor & Ink Effects
• From the Creator of Percolator
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Plus: Universal App for iPhone & iPad • High Resolution Support • Share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Postcards, etc.
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New in Version 2

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No mess! Tinrocket's innovative ink code does all the drawing.
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Popsicolor now has 16 different ways for you to accent your subjects
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Super Blendy
How many ways can you mix two colors? Try 24!
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More to See
Use automatic enhancement to bring out those extra details
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New sets of warm and cool colors have been carefully designed to produce perfect blends
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Optional Borders
Popsicolor 2.0 makes it easy to think outside of the box
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Sharing & Export
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Postcards, Email, Film Roll, Clipboard, & "Open In…" (Whew!)
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Reviews & Quotes

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Popsicolor can create images that are the same size as the device camera. For example, the iPhone 3GS camera takes pictures at 2048 × 1536, so at a minimum, Popsicolor can export images up to this size.

Newer devices can process much larger images. On these devices, Popsicolor allows you to attempt to export your image at its original resolution, even if it came from a high resolution source, such as a DSLR camera. The only limitation is the RAM, or "working memory," available in your device. This type of memory is
not related to the storage capacity of your device, i.e., 8GB, 16GB, etc.

The image on the left was created from a 3313 × 3658 NASA photo taken with a DSLR camera. The image was downloaded to the Film Roll and then processed on an iPhone 5 at full resolution.

Click the image to download the 3313 × 3658 pixel JPEG created by Popsicolor.

Click here for the 3313 × 3658 source image.
Popsicolor creates drips when you hold your iPhone or iPad upright when it's working. If you keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch level or flat (face up) while Popsicolor is working you will get neat, drip-less paintings.
Yes! Simply set the top and bottom colors to be the same and Popsicolor will create a "single flavor" image.
No. :) Popsicolor was specifically designed to create stylized images with a maximum of two colors (plus black ink).
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Popsicolor 2.0 lets you mail real, printed postcards from within the app using the Sincerely postcard service. We think postcard sending is neat and really like the quality of Sincerely's service.

Postcards will have the Popsicolor logotype and icon on the back. Tinrocket doesn't make a cent off of the postcards—all transactions go through Sincerely and the prices are set by them.

We included this feature because we really think you'll like it. Sending someone a watercolor-inspired illustration is way-cooler than sending a boring old photograph!

Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Founded in 2006 by John Balestrieri, Tinrocket, LLC, is a Brooklyn-based company dedicated to making original, creative software for Mac and iOS.

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We also make Percolator, the popular iOS photo mosaic app.

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